Ajay Venkatesh

“The business winners of the future will embrace advanced technologies while focusing on creating purpose-led cultures. Culturelytics Pvt Ltd are pioneers in helping companies do this, and we are pleased to have worked with them over the last year. “They have carried out an extensive survey of our customers and employees in the State of Karnataka to study the cultural dynamics after the merger of State Bank of Mysore with SBI. The survey has provided useful insights into the various issues involved in merging the entities, and suggested solutions for bringing about further improvement in customer service and operational efficiency. “I wish the team of Culturelytics all the best in their endeavours.”

- Rajnish Kumar
State Bank of India

“We leveraged Culturelytics’ capabilities for a post-merger integration of two leading Asset Management Companies. The work involved designing a culture assessment framework, setting up a dashboard, conducting a survey and providing culture analysis as an outcome. The Culturelytics team was highly professional in its approach and showcased its deep understanding of the subject. Together we were able to deliver value to the client. I look forward to leveraging Culturelytics in bigger and more complex projects in the future.”

- Amit Damahe
Manager, Management Consulting
KPMG in India

Amit Damahe
Rajnish Kumar

“Culturelytics is our exclusive partner for designing and executing culture transformation assignments. We have worked together on some engagements and have found the Culturelytics team to be extremely cooperative, competent and capable. They understand the needs of clients quickly and are nimble to adapt to the tough timelines usually set by us. The platform and the dashboards are visually appealing to our clients, and I am positive we will continue to use their capabilities in the future for many more clients in India and globally as well.”

- Ajay Venkatesh
Associate Director, Management Consulting, People & Change Advisory
KPMG in India

“Bradford for Everyone is a multi-year government funded aimed at building more inclusive mindsets and integrated communities where everyone can feel they belong, are understood, feel safe and can contribute and participate in the opportunities that Bradford district has to offer, in one of the UK’s most culturally diverse districts. Our partner Culturelytics is using advanced data analytics and behavioural science to give us clear insights into people’s attitudes and behaviours across the community, so we can target our programmes more effectively. They deployed their AI-powered chatbot Kaiwa for an initial workplace survey, and it gave us new, sometimes surprising and vital insights into local work cultures, which are now helping us shape targeted training programmes for employers. They’ve been great partners, and I’d strongly recommend Culturelytics to any organisation who wish to understand their workforce better and to create culture change.”

- Zahra Niazi
Programme Lead, Stronger Communities Together
Bradford for Everyone

Zahra Niazi

Matt Hendenson
Project Support Officer,
Bradford for Everyone
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