Culture health score

CCQ ™- Culture Coherence Quotient

Our proprietary CCQ ™ is a measurement of company’s culture health score showing how aligned your culture is to your business objectives.

For the first time using our powerful AI platform we are able to go beyond anecdotes, for culture insights that are accurate, real-time, business focused, and actionable.We use a proprietary process – understanding your mandate, collecting smart data on culture from inside and outside the organisation, and analysing the data with powerful AI-driven analytics – to provide you with clear, data-driven, actionable insights on culture.

Our culture analytics platform :

$$ impact of cultural misalignment

Once the CCQ is ascertained, we calculate the financial impact of culture misalignment

For Culture Transformation
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Culture Risk Indicator (CRI)

The CRI measures the impact of cultural misalignment on results, helping to ensure that cultural transformation plans are built on data-driven insights and tied to financial forecasts.

For Mergers and Acquisitions
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Value Adjustment Factor (VAF)

A measure of the likely impact of culture on the financial value of a transaction. This helps clients shape deal strategies adjusting asset valuation or planning pre-merger interventions.

For Post-Merger Integration

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Performance Variance Factor (PVF)

The PVF measures the impact of unforeseen cultural misalignment on post-transaction results and can be used to plan smart interventions to avoid erosion of value.

Culture dashboard for leaders

Data-driven culture insights. Smart interface for leaders

Outcomes -– what you get:

Your CCQ™

Culture Coherence Quotient Culture health score:
How aligned your culture is to your business objectives

$$ impact

Financial impact of cultural misalignment.
% targets at risk due to culture


Detailed insights + recommendations on 8 key dimensions of culture

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