15 July 2021

Our founder,Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, has joined Great Place to Work India as CEO effective 15 July 2021, succeeding Prasenjit Bhattacharya, Great Place to Work’s co-founder and CEO. Additionally, Great Place to Work India will acquire a strategic stake in Culturelytics.


International leadership

02 Mar 2021

Our founder, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy features in ET markets, where she shares her views on the importance of culture in creating exemplary organisations.

Great workplaces realise the importance of revitalising their company's culture ny understanding the need of their peopleRead more...

International leadership

18 Nov 2020

Culturelytics founder, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy was featured as one of just 40 leaders worldwide to participate in International Leadership Week, convened by London-based Institute for Leadership & Management. She spoke to fellow leaders on reducing the failure rate in M&A.

Why do 75% of mergers and acquisitions fail to create value? In one-third of these, culture is identified as the key culprit. Yet culture is overlooked by the majority of business leaders and investors Read more...

HR Katha

27 Oct 2020

Culturelytics founder, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, was extensively quoted in HRKatha article on 'Overlooking cultural mismatch in M&A can be disastrous'.

HR Katha is an India'a leading online HR platform to know about HR News & Updates, HR Trends, HR Practices and platform to connect HR professionals. Read more...

Live mint

29 Jun 2020

Cultural due diligence will become important in dealmaking: Report

We are extremely excited to let you know that India’s leading online business newspaper, LiveMint, has just published an article on our ground-breaking new study, ‘The Impact of Culture on M&A: the view of India’s leading investors’. Read more...

KPMG report

04 May 2020

Hiring deferred in 60% Indian companies: KPMG report

Even though companies recognize New Delhi, May 4 (IANS) Amid COVID-19 disruptions, 66 per cent of organisations have deferred or suspended their hiring schedule at different job levels, while 30 per cent Read more…

Economic times

04 May 2020

Five in 10 organisations across industries keeping their salary increment budgets unchanged: Survey

According to the survey, five in 10 companies have deferred or suspended their promotion schedule; at the same time a downward trend on promotions numbers across all job levels was observed wherein Read more…

Salary hike

04 May 2020

Your salary hike might not be canceled, most firms across the globe plan to stick to increment budgets

According to the survey, five in 10 In what could be seen as a silver lining for employees, as many as 50% of the organisations have reported no change in the planned salary hike budgets despite the headwinds that Read more…

M&A deals

13 Apr 2020

Why many M&A deals fail by not taking organisational culture into account

Even though companies recognise culture as a key factor in the M&A’s ultimate success, most of them fail to conduct cultural due diligence before they finalise the deal.A great way to grow your business is Mergers Read more...


30 Mar 2020

Covid-19 shatters start-up's dream. Government urged to come up with a burden sharing plan

The global pandemic has altered the human and enterprises’ behavior – working from home, no business travel domestic or international, enterprise buyers freezing the budgets, compensation pattern shifts for   Read more…

Impact of COVID-19

30 Mar 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Startup's and How the COVID-19 has been impacting the economy and M&A scenarios in India?

Resilience is an integral part of any organizational culture and the COVID pandemic that surrounds us gives us an opportunity to reassess our relationships. Core intrinsic values are what binds us together and our  Read more...

area of health tech

30 Mar 2020

Startups in the area of health tech will have it the best - YESHASVINI RAMASWAMY

Things are happening at an unprecedented level world over. From an investment standpoint, I think startups in the area of health tech will have it the best. The whole pandemic has shown the world the need to connected, Read more…

State Bank of India

23 Dec 2019

State Bank of India partnered with Culturelytics SBI Head Office

State Bank of India partnered with Culturelytics to build the high-performance culture and to realize the opportunities of acquisitions. Our platform was deployed across the entire Karnataka circle, and the results were well appreciated by the Chairman and the leadership at SBI.

SBI leadership meet

31  Oct  2019

Culturelytics - SBI Karnataka leadership meet in bangalore corporate office

SBI leadership meet - 2019

Apex Awards'19

27  Feb  2019

Apex Awards'19

APEX'19 Summit & Awards witnessed the participation of the Who's Who of the Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital ecosystem. The Summit saw leading top professionals from PE-VC Read More...


15  Oct  2018

Culturelytics in news - The Hindu news paper article

A Made-in-India, for the world, Artificial Intelligence platform christened MnA Genome, has the potential to predict the outcome of a merger or acquisition with culture analytics and the financial losses as a consequence of dysfunctional relationship. Read More...

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