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We measure what matters, based on an in-depth understanding of your business mandate.


We engage with company leadership and other key stakeholders to understand your business mandate and what is driving the need to address culture.

You might need to determine valuation for a planned acquisition, or ensure you meet ROI targets following a merger. Or you might need to improve customer service or product innovation to meet the demands of a changing market. Whatever the driver, our analysis is based on a clear and detailed understanding of your mandate and why culture is important.


We then gather information about the internal and external context, including


This information is then used to customise our proprietary assessment and AI-powered analytics platform, so the cultural insights produced are relevant to the client’s business mandate.


We collect smarter data.

Proprietary Assessment

Based on the latest behavioural science, we deploy a proprietary, non-invasive assessment that generates deeper insights into the attitudes and behaviours of employees or customers than traditional surveys.

The short, 9-question 15-minute questionnaire is drawn from a bank of more than 100 questions and tailored according to your business mandate.It is easily and flexibly administered, adapted to the channels that work best in your organization.

From this assessment, we get an in-depth understanding of key dimensions of your organizational culture: people’s values, their adaptability to change, leadership competencies, and patterns of information sharing across the organization.

Data scan

We then put the assessment findings in context. We conduct a 360º scan of existing data about your company and industry, to discover what people are saying about your business, the key characteristics of successful organizations, and how you fit into wider industry trends. This information is sourced from the company, from online sources, and through our proprietary data partnerships.



We use the power of AI to analyse this data.

Leveraging the latest developments in data analytics, we have created the world’s first AI platform designed to analyse organisational culture – turning the complexity of culture into clear, actionable insights.

Our platform brings power, flexibility and reliability to the understanding of organisational culture:


It process more than 9,200 different patterns within 63 dimensions of human behaviour. Our algorithms are powerful, informed by data from more than 6,000 organizations and 3,000 business leaders in 56 countries and across 24 industries. They are continuously refined as more data are added.


The data can be segmented in multiple ways across different groups of employees or customers, giving you the perspectives you need.


It generates insights that are data-based rather than anecdotal, predictive rather than just descriptive, real time, and verifiable.


You get data-driven culture insights that are clear, detailed, actionable.

The big picture

Two single scores that, for the first time, give you a clear overall picture of your cultural health and its financial impact.

Culture health score

Your ‘Culture Coherence Quotient’ (CCQ™), telling you how aligned your organization’s culture is to your business objectives. Expressed as a score out of 100.

Financial impact assessment

A measure of the likely impact of your cultural alignment, or misalignment, on financial forecasts and growth targets. Expressed as a percentage, it tells you how confident you can be that your culture will support achievement of business targets. It will also indicate how your financial forecasts might need to be adjusted – either upwards or downwards – to account for cultural issues.

Detailed Insights

These scores are supported by detailed insights on 7 key dimensions of organisational culture, along with recommended ‘accelerators’, actions you can take to help build a culture for business success.

Client dashboard

All of this information is presented in a client dashboard that is highly user-friendly and visually intuitive, to facilitate management discussion and action.

Interactive & Visually Initiative Dashboard for Clients

InGenome client Dashboard

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